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Each time we spoke to a different person and no one would solve the problem.I contacted Hhgregg immediately and they told me my warranty had ended with them and for me to contact Samsung and UPS.We have another repair man appointment this Saturday and would expect a replacement TV once it is determined that the TV cannot fixed.Told us it would be in a couple of days and they would delivery it.

We find it hard to believe that a phone call can not be made to the Warehouse, or Vendor with a timeframe.They initially sold home appliances but soon expanded to televisions and other electronics.On Saturday morning when i turned the oven on to use for the first time, my house filled with a gas odor.I went back down to the store of which is a little less that 30 minutes away.So I turned off the water and there is still a puddle under the fridge.Assistant Manager Milton told him that we were waiting for him.

I and no one I know will ever purchase items from that store and I think anyone with morals should not either.However, due to unforeseen delays the appliances were not needed until this week in January.After he made a 10 second phone all to web sales he still says no.I was told our new fridge would be in on Friday (4 days later).Matt stood in my face and literally suggested that I was ignorant, because he kept reiterating that he was the General Manager as if I could not understand him saying it the first three times.Yet here here is my delivery date and im without a mattress to sleep on.

Where this agent proceeded to tell me off very rudely that all this is my fault for calling them so much.The 74 published a story on Aug. 23 of this year. black friday coupon saddleback leather black. day deals yuba city hhgregg black friday sales ipad.Not to mention the Samsung Representative, who contributes to my frustration as well as ANGER.Ok, so he proceeded to hook up the vent hose and upon sliding the dryer back into position the hose tears, it tore right off the connector.I tried reaching out to the manufacturer (Samsung, who I will also NEVER buy a product from them again), and they have been absolutely no help.Bottom line, I got a sales promotion and my credit card statement has something different.They delivered the appliances on Friday and installed my gas range incorrectly.

My parents purchased a large screen TV and a 5 year protection plan.This company cannot keep miss-representing what they are promising and offering to their customers.They told me they were unable to get a hold of the manufacturer and so they left them a message. 2 weeks go by and still no call back from the repair company, so I called HHGregg repair service again and the same thing, they said they left a message and I should receive a callback within a few days.Service guys left with gas leek in her home they are all very sick.I purchased a black bottom freezer refrigerator on 2-9-14 from hhgregg in Memphis.When all my answers were the correct ones he gave me a service appointment for 4 days later.

We have supported your company and local Memphis store quite well.I tried calling HH Gregg, Whirlpool, and my extended service plan, all three told me to call each other.I am now going to pen a letter and mail it to the ceo, I hope I have better luck there.I called Alex to remind him of his assurance that the items would be installed today.

On Sunday, 15 January 2017, the third party installer picked up a dishwasher from the Winchester store and proceeded to our home to do the installation.Sat on hold this morning 27 mins (7:15a through 7:42a CT), again just now for 23 mins, again, no one answers.We ordered a Whirlpool and was told it was in stock and should be available in a few days.I explained to him that I live over 2 hours away and it is not that easy for the commute asking that HHGREGG just replace the door as it is not the whole fridge and go through taking apart of fridge driving again 4 hours total and then putting it back in my house.The initial manager i dealt with (ya know that arrogant pretty boy) starts smirking and chuckling when the second manager asks me that question.And, while I found the BBB process to be overly slow and not fully responsive, if you choose to utilize it, go through the Indianapolis Better Business Bureau because corporate has all of the others forwarded to that location anyway.It would seem as though someone above her needs to perhaps intervene.He was extremely rude and lack knowledge of his department electronics.

Was told that hhgregg does not use their own people for delivery, etc.After I had to remodel my first floor due to a flood by our previous fridge.By now we have been in the store 30 minutes still no one had offered to help us I then counted the sales staff and their was 5 of them not a single one of them asked if they could help a sales lady walked in front of me and I asked her if she could help she said she was going on break after 45 minutes I left the store and went across the street to Best Buy and purchased 2 television sets.I wanted them to install the microwave as a reimbursement for the 45 minutes we waited and kept telling us it was on-site.The delivered the new one the delivery people came so late at night and it had a huge dent in it.This company needs to be investigated by the consumer protection agency and the attorney general.

Aug 5, 2016. TWIN. SaveSave. 2017 - 2018. math worksheets amazon black friday ebooks hhgregg black friday on us marks and spencer black friday deals.I told them that I needed to know what time since I needed to make arrangements to have someone at the house.You know read these complaints they are a big reason why bussiness such as yours fails you need people who care and play nice with others i hope you dont ignore this one. i am 56 not a kid looking for a free ride i asked for help and was abused and had more damage done then i had orginally.Am really sadden to know that the review that I just read is for HHGregg.Last year I have dealt with your store in Wilmington Delaware.Steve says, if we do that I will have to redo the entire order and at this time we are there 3 hours.

Last month he went in and the manager told him they would not be getting anymore in and they would need to refund us our money by check.Donate Life, I Love You So Much, The Krazy Coupon Lady, The.Even the salesman indicated the Manager does not have any impact on the warehouse.After asking for more information all of a sudden they couldnt speak to me on this matter they needed to talk to my boss.Rob never called me back so again I called and again like Wednesday he would not answer the phone.I asked to speak with someone above her ( Di and there seems to be none of existence she stated I am the highest.

I have an extended warranty on all my appliances bought through HHGregg.When I plugged the tv up it had lines on the screen which showed damaged.When we were finally helped, there were no refrigerators in the size that we needed and the model that we desired.We called a local repair company, fixed the dryer in 4 days, not 3 months, and was able to get the part your people said was on back order.After we go back and forth we work it out that they will take some money off of the other appliances we are buying, ok we agree.Now, I have contacted my credit merchant where I charged the recliner to get involved American Express.Was told again that we would be recieving a call within 24-48 hours.Several weeks ago I filed a claim for repair on a microwave and dishwasher.

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